29th of January 2010

EPISODE 2!!!!!

Episode 3 in the works.

Hoping to build up some sort of audience, but if no one ever sees this, that’s fine: it’s about the doing. Process, not product.

This particular episode was quite fun, seing as we somehow picked a street where every old person in Redwood City lived. Thus it was that every house you see in this? There were somewhere from 1 to 3 old wrinkly in each living room, staring out of their windows. I waved at a few. They didn’t wave back.

22nd of January 2010

SO i think the deal will be

a tutu adventure every ten days.

or more often if I have the time.

Sounds pretty good.


Episode One.

18th of January 2010



let it begin.

13th of January 2010
day 1. begins.

day 1. begins.

12th of January 2010

Mission Statement.

Idle hands are the devil’s…something or other.

I have many wants, many wishes, many goals to complete in this lifetime: however short or long it may be, by god I am going to have a good fucking time while I am here. And hopefully leave some sort of mark.

Project 6 is the Tutu Project (I have written about 45 Projects, and am slowly but surely making my way through them).

What is it?

It is to wear a tutu, attract attention of as many onlookers as possible (be they wide or small or thin or tall), and dance.


I like to dance, and for too long I have been ashamed of it.

Now I go forth to dance in front of anything and anyone who will watch, because one should not care what others think, or let it stop them from doing what they love to do.

Note, though, that I really, really don’t enjoy wearing a tutu.

But this is more important than personal discomfort: this is making a statement.

This is taking a stand.

This is saying something and meaning it.

This is fucking dancing in tutus, bitch.

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